Wednesday, January 8, 2014

speaking slowly and loudly

So I just caught myself speaking slowly and loudly to someone who totally didn't need that type of treatment. I then caught myself justifying why speaking slowly and loudly was appropriate. Then I told myself to shut up and blog about it. Sometimes blogging is a way to clear out the cobwebs and move something out of its "grey and okay" area where working it out in a private diary would keep it.
I have discovered that part of being willing to blog is to be willing to be messy and make mistakes and then talk about it in public. Blogs tend to encourage the promotion of self-sainthood whether in trumpeting good deeds or indulging in a bizarre form of mea culpa masochism that is narcissism hidden.
Speaking of narcissism...let's get back to the story about me
So I was speaking slowly and loudly to a man who was obviously on medication and hearing voices. Part of my concern was being loud enough to catch his attention. The bit about me speaking loudly with simple syllable words? I own that and had a bit of an ouch moment as I recalled a recent rant session to a friend about how strangers will opt to speak slowly and loudly to me because of the cane.
Such is life.
Bob and Carol are getting ready to join the family at Dragon Mountain. So we will be a fat, spoiled cat, three dirty fish, a perpetually tired teacher with a habit of speaking slowly and loudly when inappropriate and two finches, Bob and Carol. The names may change to protect the innocent and depending on the reality of having them. The mad kitten will have to adjust.
this could be Bob and Carol
But why add birds? Especially when you consider I have enough outside. And why finches? There are reasons upon reasons for it that I will expound on as time goes by, but one of the biggest or more accurately, two of the biggest are 1) it adds a different type of life to the mix and 2) finches don't want to mess with people at all.
Finches like finches. They do not want to be handled. They do not want to learn tricks. They like their own company and a very busy and industrious company it is. I have found that the people who come to work with me are often five steps removed from being present in life. The fish, the cat and now the birds bring an experience that helps to return awareness in life. When the cat grabs her stuffed mouse and runs out to be a part of your session because she associates you with love and laughter and playing - that can change how someone feels about their place in the world.
Now add Bob and Carol to the mix. Two delicate, busy and happy souls who just want to be left to their own devices. This should be interesting.
Oh yes...finches are also a traditional Chinese element to ensure prosperity and happiness in relationships.

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