Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Growing Practice - A Winter of Plenty Update

It would seem as if we have all managed to survive February, which for many reasons remains one of the most difficult months of the year in the North East. The snow finally began to arrive on a regular basis, albeit with days of rain or unseasonable warmth in-between and life continues to move forward.

As we settle into the fourth and final month of the Winter of Plenty, it is now easier to notice what has been built alongside something as simple as calling for help. In the process, many of us have become closer -- some friends, some new support members and some fictious kin for those who are in need. It has made everyone look closer at what they have and what they seek and think deeper about how those things bring meaning into their life. Deprivation never does anyone much good, even in the name of charitable acts. But regulation and consideration can provide more for everyone then is commonly thought possible.

In the fourth month, we are settling back into our call for foods and fresh fruits and vegetables especially. Clothing and item donations can be brought directly to your local donation center. We are also settling into some months of planning for next year so that we can all do more because every small bit that has been given has been of inestimable help in someway. Every one of our families has come through these months with enough space free from total worry about survival that things are beginning to move forward for them.

Now, let's bring this all home and see March through its wondrous time of snow and mud and hints of spring change to come.


Monday, February 4, 2013