Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Whitecage Finchsled Review – 3 beaks up!

The hotly anticipated arrival of the 2014 Whitecage Finchsled has consumers talking about this latest offering in the market for environmentally responsible, alternative energy vehicles. The 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is a personal transportation device designed for short urban distances. Unlike electric scooters, there is no need to recharge frequently and the minimal waste produced by the Whitecage Finchsled is negligible when compared to other vehicles in its class. There are some definite drawbacks for those looking for a more plug-n-play alternate energy vehicle that won’t require a change to their lifestyle and the Whitecage Finchsled isn’t a perfect fit for all. For those whose life the Finchsled quirks fit – it can be an ideal way to escape the fossil fuel trap.

The styling
The 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is  available in an Arctic Ice White with a smooth coat finish that reduces air drag and increases the overall efficiency of the vehicle without sacrificing any of its curb appeal. Seating is ample with optional luggage ladder and swing style activity seats to keep even the most active child entertained on long trips. The view is 360 and there are few blind spots. The Whitecage engineers went with a narrow bar suspension support that spreads the weight of the vehicle across the entire frame size rather than focusing it on a few select stress points that would require the tradition auto pillar construction. The 2014 Whitecage Finch sled is a 6 door model with the 6th door being an inset access door in the larger hatch. This eliminates the need to have to open up the Whitecage wide in order to get out small items. Everything about the 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is designed to maximize efficiency while preserving comfort and ease of maintenance.

The power
The 2014 is powered by a combination 4TZF propulsion system. This system uses cylinders comprised of one self-contained turbo zebra finch with unbanded legs to allow for maximum thermogenic energy transfer and to prevent high pulse rate clogging common to this valve structure. The 4TZFs can operate similar to the variable valve control found on most fossil fuel powered engines, the onboard computer GM system also enables them to function independently and then to band together as one individual to respond to changes in the environment before you are even aware of them. Each 4TZF requires minimal daily maintenance and the entire engine compartment is designed for easy daily care without having to remove the propulsion unites.

The pluses and the minuses
While the 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is a vast improvement over the failed 2013 Emptycorner model. There are still some key issues with the design that may not make it an ideal form of transportation for most. While powerful and responsive, the 4TZF propulsion system can only lift a combined weight of 5 ounces. Given that the Whitecage frame weighs 20lbs empty, this has caused a significant loss in potential transport range. There is also an issue of sustained power, the cylinders can only provide GM coordination for a limited amount of time before the cylinders are distracted by bathtubs, bells or other shiny roadway hazards. The other issue is that while the 4TZFs require little in fuel and leave an imperceptible carbon footprint, they do prefer a consistent temperature above 72 degrees TZFs chirping away and straining at the perch to race, any home feels light airy and capable of roaring off into the sunset and unpredictable adventure.

The verdict
The 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is the alternate fuel vehicle of choice to have if you are so into alternate means of transportation that you really don’t have to go anywhere. The secret to the 4TZF propulsion system isn’t in how fast or far you can go, it’s that fully running – you won’t want to go anywhere at all. This makes it the most fuel efficient vehicle in its class. Good looking, aerodynamic, charming with a built in stereo sound system that makes you sound like you are in a live concert hall plus environmentally responsible – the 2014 Whitecage Finchsled is the urban alternative vehicle to own.

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