Monday, April 1, 2013

Pawtucket, RI - Outdoor Traditional Shao Lin Qi Gong and Kung Fu

Believe it or not, it's finally warm enough to being the outdoor community classes!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 to 7pm and Tuesdays from 7 to 8pm the Zen Community & Cultural Center will be offering outdoor Traditional Shao Lin Qi Gong and Kung Fu sessions. The first 20 minutes is all Qi Gong and serves as the warm up and stretching for the Kung Fu portion. You are welcome to come to the Qi Gong only, both or just the Kung Fu. The suggested donation for each class is $5.

What is Shao Lin Qi Gong?

There are thousands of different types of Qi Gong.

Shao Lin Qi Gong is relatively recent, as it originates in the 6th century AD, with the historical and legendary figure of Bodhidharma, said to be the first Chan/Zen patriarch,  the very founder of the Chan/Zen tradition.

Bodhidharma was born as a prince in the south Indian Pallava kingdom. In the same way as the historical Buddha centuries before, he renounced the kingdom and became a monk. Upon Realization, or Enlightenment, he traveled to China and arrived at the Shao Lin Monastery. There, he saw the monks immersed in their most demanding meditation practices and he gave them  a series of exercises or “forms” called the 18 Lohan Hands, destined  to bring them optimum physical health, vitality, serenity, emotional balance and mental clarity. A “form” is a combination of 3 elements: specific movement in space, particular breathing pattern and focused and relaxed attention.

What is Shao Lin Kung Fu?

It is the original Martial Art from which all others grew. It fully embraces the union of body, mind and spirit to create one strength. In traditional Shao Lin, there are no ranks or belts, the practice is about gaining insight, wisdom and skill and a master can learn much from an absolute beginner.

Shao Lin Kung Fu not only strengthens the body and improves balance, circulation, coordination and flexibility but it builds moral character and personal integrity. The study of Shao Lin can provide you with the means to gain victory in any confrontation whether physical confrontation is required or mental agility and emotional strength is needed.

Shao Lin is wisdom and it is life. It is complex and mastery of the Art is rarely achieved for it is as vast and complex as the Universe itself.

The details -

How "fit" do you have to be?
Every exercise is adaptable to any level of fitness or ability. The goal is to help you achieve wellness as it is best for you in your life, not to become a copy of someone else. The forms encourage individual identity so no two people doing the same form will ever perform it identically.

What is the age limit?
From 7 yrs old and up. We do ask that for children between 7 and 14 to participate, a parent or guardian must participate along with them.

Is there parking?
Lots and it is free.

Is it on the busline?

Yes, the 78. From Pawtucket, get off at the first stop after the light where Water and School merge and the Launch is right down the hill. From Providence, get off at Rhode Island Farms (Memorial Hospital), walk down the hill to School Street. Turn left and walk down till you see the Boat Launch on the left.

Are there facilities?

No bathrooms or changing rooms. There are grilling pits and picnic tables.

What is the cost?

A $5 dollar per session donation is suggested. Whatever you can reasonably afford is fine, the cost to the Z-CC to provide this is low, but there is a cost. You can make a donation each time you come, or do a one time donation per month. Cash/Debit/Credit are accepted. Absolutely no checks, no exceptions.

What should I bring/wear?

Comfortable sneakers or shoes, loose clothing (long pants, t-shirt), water/sports drink. Shorts are not recommended.

Anything else?

Please let the instructor know if you have any physical concerns or limitations so they can help you adapt the exercises to bring you the most benefit.

Each session is weather permitting, please email your mobile number to us if you would like a txt notification by 4pm if the session is cancelled or, follow us on twitter (@ZenCommunityRI) where we will tweet cancellations only by 4pm.

I look forward to seeing you soon!



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